El Salvador Usulután Los Pirineos

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A natural lot with intense but delicate flavours from Gilberto Baraona, one of El Salvador’s most renowned producers with over 15 Cup Of Excellence wins. The name of the farm, Los Pirineos, comes from the small town that divides the coffee villages of Santiago de Maria and Berlin. The geographic position of this farm is likened to the famous Pyrenees mountains that divide Spain and France. Cultivation of coffee at the farm began as far back as 1890, and Los Pirineos was a pioneer in El Salvador in building its own coffee Micro Mill, where Gilberto can experiment with processing and drying methods. Well-trained pickers are given good incentives to select only the ripest cherries, which are then brought to the mill in the afternoon to be hand sorted. The farm is in an area with a cool climate for slow cherry maturation, longer sunlight hours, good rainfall and fertile volcanic soils that all combine to create excellent conditions to grow coffees with particular and exciting flavours that we know you will enjoy very much.

Country : El Salvador
Region : Usulutan, Tecapa
Farm : Los Pirineos
Altitude : 1,350 m.
Variety : Bourbon
Process : Natural
Tasting Notes : Dried peach, grape, green apple, wine, sharp acidity



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