Colombia Finca Villa Rosita Natural

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Diego Samuel Bermúdez, owner of Finca Paraiso Villa Rosita, started a new life 12yrs ago thanks to coffee. His farm is characterised by a temperate and humid climate, with high exposure to the Pacific winds that contribute to the tropical flavour notes in their coffees. Diego was a pioneer in controlled fermentation techniques, using science and innovation in coffee processing including progressive and innovative drying methods. In Finca El Paraiso, the slow cherry maturity helps the concentration of sugars, resulting in an intense cup with a wide variety of flavours.

Only the ripest cherries are taken to the mill, which is on the estate, where they are fermented for 48 hours. Then, they enter the drying machine which is at a relative humidity of 30% and a temperature of 35°C for 72 hours, to help yield the incredible flavours that this coffee is renowned for. This is a naturally processed lot that yields an array of intense but subtle favours that we know you will really enjoy.


Country : Colombia
Region : Piendamó, Cauca
Farm : Finca El Paraíso Villa Rosita
Altitude : 1,870 m.
Varietal : Bourbon Hydra
Process : Natural
Tasting Notes : chocolate, toffee, melon, plum, black tea finish



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