Colombia Palmitas Hector Estrada

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This lot comes from Hector Estrada’s farm in the scenic region of Palmitas called ‘El Silencio’ – which means ‘the silence’. To visit El Silencio you have to take a cable car across the lush mountain range, and it’s a beautiful scenic ride over the stunning scenery and local flora. From there it goes to the wet mill located in the picturesque town of Cañasgordas. Local farmers bring coffee cherries or their parchment (dried but unhulled coffee beans) to sell there. After the standard quality control checks to select the best quality coffees, premiums are paid to the farmers on that same day to ensure the sustainability of the process. This fully washed coffee from Hector Estrada is packed with berry and chocolatey cacao flavours that we are sure you will really enjoy.

Country : Colombia
Region : Palmitas
Farm : El Silencio
Altitude : 1,700 – 2,100 mts.
Variety : Castillo
Process : Washed
Tasting Notes :  berries, chocolate, cacao milkshake, cherry wine, mid body



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