Burundi Gitega Kibungo Hill

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In 2016 Cassien Nibaruta used his engineering skills to plan, design and build The Gaterama washing station. Cassien pursued his goal of producing high-quality coffee and working exclusively with local farmers who grow coffee on small plantations with up to 200 trees, including nearby Kibungo, located in the Bugendana region. The washing station buys coffee cherries from neighbouring farmers in the area who are renowned for selecting only the ripest cherries, to guarantee the highest quality to their coffee.

For Honey processing, first the cherries are pulped and then the parchment with mucilage is moved directly to raised drying tables. The lots are spread flat in an 8-10cm layer and turned to dry every twenty minutes. This is done daily until the coffee is sufficiently dried to the exacting standards of the production team.

Burundi is an emerging coffee origin on the specialty coffee scene, and we are excited for you to taste this lot with its sweet, chocolate orange notes paired with dried fruit in the finish.

Country : Burundi
Region : Gitega
Washing Station : Gaterama
Altitude : 1,700 – 1,900 m
Variety : Bourbon
Process : Honey
Tasting Notes : chocolate, orange blossom, raisin, floral, mid body



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